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Mike Moxcey

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Updated February 20, 1996

This is some of the stuff I've learned about editing the Web Pages. It covers

There are lots of editors to manipulate HTML codes but I haven't found any of them useful. Around here, many people like WordPerfect so they use WP's free Internet Publisher but I don't much like WordPerfect either. The HTML codes are easy to type in so I just use Notepad editor in one window and have Netscape open in the other. Then I just save the file in Notepad, switch to Netscape and click Reload and immediately see what my changes have wrought. I usually size the pages so they can sit side-by-side.

Before trying to write a Web page or even before looking at the source code or templates, I recommend reading a tutorial on it. A very good tutorial is the Beginner's Guide to HTML which explains lots of useful info. This tutorial of mine is very sparse but does cover the basics.

Use the X.HTML File as a beginning template

After bringing up the X.HTM, click on Save Source File and save it as X.HTM. Then you can use it as a template to begin writing a web page. 
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