Creating Web Page Links

Updated February 9, 1996

View files such as source code using an FTP call

. I saw this on a Navy site and liked it. They somehow had it configured for WRITE instead of just a view but it sure saves time formatting. To do it, put FTP instead of HTTP in front of the URL of the HREF. For example, to see the AUTOEXEC.BAT file in this directory, the command is: You can also just give Netscape a directory name and it will list all the files in the directory. For example, here is a list of files in my home directory which is coded as:

Viewing Source Code

The source code of any HTML file anywhere on the Net is loaded into memory when reading so it's available for viewing. In addition, you can use the SAVE command to save it to your disk for analysis and plagiarism.

Signing a document

You should usually sign a document with your name. Using the <ADDRESS> tag is the correct way. In Mosaic, that is represented in italics. It's easier to create a link to an Author page (mine is mike_m.html) with the address, e-mail, and phone number in case something changes.

Date the documents also.

Go for it

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