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LeftHand Effects

There are special effects the lefthand does to make more sounds when frailing.

Two of the basic ones are pull-offs and hammer-ons.

The tab below shows how two Boom strokes are turned into four notes with pull-offs and then with hammer-ons on the 1st string 2nd fret and then the 2nd string 3rd fret (two very common places in G-tuning).

              Boom    Boom    |     Pluck-Pull    Pluck-Pull    |    Pluck-Hammer    Pluck-Hammer

This Old Man

This songs uses very few “frails” (shakas) but does use a couple hammer-ons to get the melody.

Mama Don’t Allow

Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms

Play the tab above and replace the 3rd and 4th lines with these:

The Basic Frail Modifying the Boom-Shaka LeftHand Special Effects Playing with Special Effects
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