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Modifying the Boom-Shaka

Before we try a song, let’s look at ways the Boom-Shaka can be modified.

Because there are two separate beats, you can actually do four different combinations:

           Boom   Shaka      ||      Shaka    Boom    ||     Boom   Boom   ||     Shaka   Shaka


Although this is mainly for reference so you won’t be surprised when you see them in tab, you ought to try each one of these. Get the rhythm correct.

Good Night Ladies

This song uses the three basic chords most songs in G use: G, C and D7

Bile Dem Cabbage Down

Here is one of the most regular songs you’ll ever see. This version is straight “Boom-Shaka” with the basic chords used in the key of G: G, C, and D7

Little Brown Jug

Here is another basic song. It uses the main three chords but since it’s in a different key, C, it uses these three: C, F, and G7 (or in this case G).

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