Mike Moxcey

Community Columnist
Kathleen Duff
PO Box 1577
Fort Collins, CO 80522

June 13, 1997

Hello Ms. Duff,

Enclosed is my application for Community columnist: three 600-word sample columns and this cover letter. The reason why I should be selected is examined in one of the columns: Your Ambivalent Columnist. I was one of the original community columnists many years ago when the idea began, and pride myself on being partially responsible for there being four writers initially. The editors were going to pick just one person but created more slots after they got several good writers to respond. But I only wrote three columns before being forced to quit due to the Ethics in Government law. I am still working in government but the law has been fixed.

I've published short stories, essays, and articles in various anthologies, magazines, and newspapers including the Banjo Newsletter and the High Country News and am looking forward to writing a weekly editorial column.