Location in which to Learn

Colorado State University was one of the reasons we chose to live in Fort Collins. When we tired of the climate in New England and decided to move back west, we picked out three cities to live in based on the presence of certain amenities including a college. A friend told me to cross Pueblo off the list. We ended up moving to Colorado Springs because it was larger with more possible jobs. Later, as we looked around Colorado for land close to cities with universities, we also looked at Gunnison and Durango before settling on Fort Collins, which was the other city on our original list.

We didn't want a university just for the classes. We wanted one because they bring in lots of speakers and have events and generally fill a town with young people full of interesting ideas. I did end up getting a degree in mathematics from CSU, but I also enjoy using the Frisbee golf course, wandering through the exhibits in the buildings, browsing the gigantic library, and attending the free concerts around the lagoon. We've gone to several happenings at CSU recently, also. The grand reopening of the Lory Student Center after the flood featured children's games, birthday cake and cotton candy, and a theater pipe organ concert. We went back the next week for the Little Shop of Physics to play with balls and lasers and gyroscopes and familiarize ourselves with unfamiliar laws of science.

We've attended concerts and shows at other venues such as Library Park, Old Town, and the Lincoln Center as well as various bars and restaurants. But I suspect there wouldn't be nearly as many stages or shows if CSU weren't here.

This weekend, March 20th and 21st, marks the end of the 19-day Baha'i holy fast and the beginning of the Baha'i new year (Naw-Ruz). The Metro Denver Baha'i Youth Workshop is giving a series of shows around Fort Collins this weekend to help the entire community celebrate. The group consists of young people promulgating positive messages through the performing arts such as dance, drama, and music. They have dances which directly reflect the racial struggle which has plagued this nation for almost 300 years, the detrimental consequences of drug and alcohol abuse, the celebration of our unity in diversity, the social issues we face in our society, and the possible remedies for them. I have not seen them perform yet, but a friend said they are amazingly dynamic and "the Race Unity dance goes straight to my heart."

First, the Youth Workshop will perform at the Second Annual Multicultural Commission Conference on Saturday at the new Fort Collins High School. The conference, open to the public, is from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and will focus on building community unity through a dialogue on diversity. The Workshop will perform for 15 minutes beginning at 3:30. They will perform a longer show the next day in Old Town starting at 10:00ish. This promises to be an exciting show -- it's hard to even get warmed up in just 15 minutes -- and there will be literature and information available on the Baha'i Faith for anyone who is interested (and that includes all of you who have called or written or stopped me while eating at Avo's to ask questions) but don't worry, proselytizing is forbidden so if you wish to watch in peace, you'll only have to deal with the subliminal messages of the onenesses of god, of religion, and of humanity. Tickets will also be given out for the afternoon concert (2:00 to 3:30) at the North Ballroom of the Lory Student Center at CSU. The only reason for issuing tickets is that the seating is limited, because all performances are free. Call Jessica at 224-1165 for more information or to get tickets for the afternoon show.

Happy New Year.