Mail Script

If you just want info emailed to you and you have an address ending in "", then all you need to do is write a form and call the script in my directory with the email address you want stuff mailed to at the end. The only necessary input (it isn't required, though) is a "Subject". Be sure the word is initcapped. If you don't have that, then you'll get emails with the subject: No Subject Supplied from Form

Since the cgi process is owned by "nobody", that's who it looks like the mail is from so I like to give it a good subject. You can even hide the subject from the user:

Sample E-Mail Form

Check out the sample email form. For a quick start, save the source code to your own hard disk (Save As), edit it to change to your email address, then test it. Add more fields to the form, change the names of your fields, give it a good subject. script

For those of you who want to look at the source code or download it and modify it for your own server's use. 
Mike Moxcey Aug 1997