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Forward Roll Type 1

Here's another song that is mostly basic forward roll:TMTIMTIM (Thumb Middle Thumb Index Middle Thumb Index Middle)

There are a few measures with runs that walk up a string without doing the roll.

There are many measures (bars) that are identical.

If you can play one, you can play the others.
Measures 2,4,5,10 and 16 are all the same.
So are 3, 7 and 14.
And 9 = 15 and 12 = 13.

If you ignore the "run" measures which don't use the forward roll (1,5,9 and 17),
then that leaves only five distinct forward rolls to learn at measures: 2,3,9,11 and 12.

Modifications to the Forward Roll

Here is a variation for line one using slides.

and here is a variation of line 2 using a shortened or emphasized forward roll where the first note (T) lasts for twice as long as any other note.

PRACTICE: To really learn the roll, try using the variations thru the entire rest of the song,
changing the righthand roll or the lefthand fingering to make them different.
This is the first step toward improvising.

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