Whoa Mule, Whoa

This is a typical I-IV-I-V song.
What can make it special is doing a mule kick break by strumming the banjo behind the bridge.

Sweetheart I say I love
sweetheart you know I do,
but I ain't got time for you right now
I'm fooling with this mule.

Whoa mule, whoa.
Whoa mule I say.
I ain't got time to kiss you now
my mule has ran away.

Once I had a horny cow,
horny when he was born.
Took a jaybird forty years
to fly from horn to horn.

I'd never marry an old school marm,
tell you the reason why.
She blows her nose in old bread dough
and calls it pumpkin pie.

If I chewed tobacco
you know what I'd do?
I chew a great big wad up
and spit it all at you.

If I had a pretty gal
I'd put her on a shelf
and every time she'd smile at me
I'd get up there myself.

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