Walking Down the Line

I / | I  / / / | IV / V /
    | IV / I / | / V I /

No pause between verses
Bluegrass chords look like this for second line: | IV I IV I | / V I /

Well I'm a-walking down the line,
I'm a-walking down the line.
I'm a-walking down the line,
my feet'll be flying,
let me tell you 'bout my troubled mind.

I got a heavy-headed gal. (3x) ... s
he ain't feeling too well,
if she gets better, only time will tell.

My money comes and goes. (3x)
... and rolls and flows
through the holes in the pockets of my clothes.

I see the morning light. (3x)
... but I'm not an early riser.
I didn't get to sleep last night.

I got my walking shoes. (3x)
... and I ain't gonna lose,
I believe I got the walking blues.

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