Shady Grove

Shady Grove, my true love, shady grove my dear.
You are the darling of my heart but I'm gonna leave you here.

Last time I saw Shady Grove she was standing at the door.
Shoes and stockings in her hand little bare feet on the floor.

Once I had an old banjo strings were made of twine.
The only tune that it could play was trouble on my mind.

Watch the evening sun go down sitting in the rocking chair.
If the blues don't get me down I'll rock away from here.

Peaches in the summertime, apples in the fall.
If I can't get the girl I love, I'll have none at all.

Wished I was in Baltimore sitting in a big armchair
with one arm around my whisky jar, the other around my dear.


Shady grove my little love Shady grove I say
Shady grove my little love Bound for shady grove

Wish I was in shady grove sittin in a rockin chair
And if those blues would bother me I'd rock away from there

Had a banjo made of gold every string would shine
The only song that it would play wish that girl was mine

When I was in shady grove heard them pretty birds sing
The next time I go to shady grove take along a diamond ring

When you go to catch a fish fish with a hook and line
When you go to court a girl never look behind

When I was a little boy all I wanted was a knife
Now I am a great big boy I'm lookin for a wife

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