Sally Goodin

usually played in the key of A:  AABB
You only sing on the A part.

|A / / / | / / E / | (2X) for both A and B parts

Had a piece of pie and I had a piece of pudding
and I had a little girl that they   called Sally Goodin.
Dropped my piece of pie and I left my apple pudding
but I went across the mountain for to marry Sally Goodin.

Going down the road, road is kind of muddy,
I'm so drunk that I can't stand steady.
Looking kind of high, looking kind of low.
I've got to go see my little Sally Goodin.

Going on the mountain for to marry pretty Sally,
raise corn on the hillside and devil in the valley.
Looked down the road and I seen my Sally coming
and I thought to myself that I'd kill myself a-running.

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