Old Rattler
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Old Rattler was a good old dog
blind as he could be
but every night at suppertime
I believe that dog could see.

Here Rattler, here.
Here Rattler, here.
Call old Rattler from the barn,
here Rattler, here.

Old Rattler treed the other night
I thought he'd treed a coon
when I come to find out
he was baying at the moon.

Grandma had a yeller hen
we set her as you know.
We set her on three buzzard eggs
and hatched out one old crow.

Once I had a horny cow,
horny when he was born.
Took a jaybird forty years
to fly from horn to horn.

Old Rattler was a good old dog
even though he was blind.
He wouldn't hurt one single thing
cause he was very fine.

One night I saw a big fat coon
climb up in a tree.
I called Old Rattler right away
to get him down for me.

But Rattler wouldn't do it
cause he liked that coon.
I saw them walking paw in paw
by the light of the moon

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