The Girl I Left Behind Me

This is usually done as an instrumental so you ought to find the melody some place.

I'm lonesome since I crossed the hill
and o'er the moor and valley.
Such heavy thoughts my heart do fill
since parting with my Sally.
I seek no more the fine and gay
for each does but remind me
how swift the hours did pass away
with the girl I left behind me.

Oh I never shall forget the night the stars
were twinkling bright above me
and they gently shed their silvery light
when first she vowed to love me.
But now I'm off for Brighton Camp
and may good favor find me
and send me safely back again
to the girl I left behind me.

My thoughts her beauty shall retain
if sleeping or if waking
until I see my love again,
for her my heart is aching.
Whenever I return that way
if she should not decline me
I have vowed I evermore will stay
with the girl I left behind me.

The bee shall honey taste no more,
the dove become a ranger,
and the ocean's wave shall cease to roar
before to me she's a stranger.
The vows we made when last we met
shall never cease to bind me
and my heart will evermore be true
to the girl I left behind me.

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