Brother Ephus
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Brothers and sisters one and all
ain't you gonna listen to the givers call?
The givers call on Judgement Day
poor little Moses going away.

Where you going Moses?  None of your business.
Come here Moses?  Ain't going to do it.
Brother Ephus got a good one and he's gone on,
gone on, gone on.
Brother Ephus got a good one and he's gone on,
left me barking up a tree.

Boil my coffee good and strong,
bake my hoecakes good and done.
Make me up a featherbed and make it up right.
Old Brother Johnson's coming here tonight.

Some folks say that a preacher won't steal
but I caught two in my watermelon field.
Reaching and a-praying and a-singing all the time.
Slipping them watermelon off the vines.

What kind of slippers do the angels wear?
They wear gold slippers that skate on air.
They wear fine slippers and they wear fine socks.
Drop every nickel in the missionary's box.

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