Blue Tail Fly
by Dan Emmett
I / V / | / / I / | I / IV / | V / I /
I / V / | / / I / | I / IV / | I V I /
When I was young I used to wait
on master and hand him his plate
andpass the bottle when he got dry
and brush away the blue tail fly.

Jimmy crack corn and I don't care,(3x)
my master's gone away.

When he'd ride in the afternoon
I'd follow with a hickory broom
the pony being rather shy
when bitten by the blue tail fly.

Once he rode around the farm,
the flies about him thick did swarm,
the pony which was very shy
was bitten by the blue tail fly.

The pony run, he jump, he pitch.
He threw my master in the ditch.
He died, the jury wondered why.
The verdict was the blue tail fly.

The laid him under a simmon tree,
his epitaph is there to see:
Beneath this stone I'm forced to lie
a victim of the blue tail fly.

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