Alabama Jubilee
This is usually done as an instrumental, usually in C.
It's got a ragtime first half, and then an odd second half.
VI / / / | II / / / | V / / / | I / / / |
VI / / / | IIm / / / |  I III IV I | II V I /
Key of C: |A|D|G|C|  |A|Dm|C E F C | D G C / |
You ought to see Deacon Jones when he rattles his bones
Old Parson Brown dancing 'round like a clown
Old Aunt Jemima, she's past ninety-three
Shouting out full of pep
Watch your step, watch your step

One legged Joe spins around on his toe
Throws away his crutch and hollers
Look at her go
Oh, honey hail, hail, the gang's all here
At the Alabama Jubilee

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