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Christmas Show with Musical Concepts

Here is a sample of a Christmas show I did with a couple other folks singing and playing the piano.  This sample shows how you can play songs to have fun and also demonstrate concepts.  We would We talked about high and low pitches with examples then we played Deck the Halls and we would sing the "deck the halls with.." low and then do a real high "fa la la la la..."

Then we talked about playing a song faster and louder (crescendo, accellerando) and did Jingle Bells getting faster and louder with each chorus.

Next we talked about slower and quieter and did Away in a Manger as a lullaby until we thought the baby had gone to sleep.  We'd ask, "Would you sing this real loud to get a baby to go to sleep?"

Then we discussed slowing a song and did We Wish You a Merry Christmas and we did a nice slow ending.

You can do all the above as a soloist, too.  But the next couple songs require a 2d person.

We discussed Call and Response and did the Raffi song Must Be Santa with one person doing the lead (call) and the others doing the response.  The kids generally sang along with both sides which was okay.

We discussed harmony--doing high and low singing at the same time--and did Silent Night, ending on a quiet tune so the kids wouldn't be so wound up.

Other ideas

At public school, I stay away from actual Christian songs for singing, but will often play an instrumental of one.  Easy ones that I like are:
 Silent Night,    Away in a Manger,  and    Angels We Have Heard on High

Some secular songs are:
Twelve Days of Christmas (can draw a really cool poster)
Santa Claus Is Coming (can explain blues vs. happy with this, or minor vs major)
Up on the Rooftop (can use drums, sticks, or fingers for "click click click")
Jingle Bells (can hand out bells)
Deck the Halls
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Must Be Santa
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Frosty the Snowman

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