Mike Moxcey ©2002

You've Got a Grandson, Momma

by Mike Moxcey

Colorado Springs (Loo Art Press), June 1981.

Hello Mom, How are you? I hope everyone is fine.
I should have written sooner but I didn't have the time.

We've been working ever since they dropped us off out here.
I didn't realize that it had been more than a year.

One of yours, I mean, of course, since ours are rather long.
I think almost a decade, although I could be wrong.

We've got the kitchen finished and we've put the garden in.
I've even got the solar still to make us up some gin.

I've got a small reactor and I've started smelting ore.
It's rich in tin and manganese, I know we won't be poor.

When I left to come here, you told me how you felt,
but I wish you'd reconsider and come to the asteroid belt.

I know the stars don't twinkle 'cause the sky is black and cold.
But Mom, you've got a grandson almost seven earthmonths old.

We built an extra bed for you, sent credits for your fare.
You know you're welcome anytime, come share our food and air.

Come see your grandson, Momma, and listen to him talk.
If you're here you can help us teach him how to walk.

The gravity feels normal.  The air we breathe is clean.
We've got a goat and chickens and the freshest food you've seen.

So please come out to visit.  Don't stay on Earth alone.
It's Asteroid T-48, but we just call it home.

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