Mike Moxcey ©2002

Woolly Mammoth Momma

by Mike Moxcey

Thanksgiving Day, 1977.  Idea from Pat Bushdecker
Am / Dm / | Am /  Dm / |
Am / Dm / | E  /   / / | E7 / / / | (4x)

Am / Dm / | Am /  Dm / |
E  / /  / | Am E7 Am * |
spoken over the verse chords:
We're gonna take you back in time now
back to the time after God had created man but before he'd created woman.
God works long days and Neanderthals really had it rough back then.
No women to keep 'em warm at night.
They had to make do with what they could find out of all
the creatures God had already made.
I think that's where they first got the term: animal urges.
E7/Am | Dm / / / | Am E Am/E Am |
        Dm / / / | Am E Am/E Am |
        F / / F7 | Bb /   C  Am | / / / |
        E / / /  | Am E Am/E Am |
She's my woolly mammoth momma from Nebraska
She'll do anything that I ask her.
She treats me the way I like; she's kind of hairy and she ain't too tight
I love my woolly mammoth momma.
I once dated a saber-toothed tiger
she'd grunt and grumble but she wouldn't let me ride her
and there for awhile was a pet pterodactyl
but I had to let her go 'cause I couldn't stand the cackling
and all the men like to see me at the watering hole
but I wouldn't touch a faggot with a ten-inch pole
and the last thing I tried was a platypus duck
I was really hard up and they're supposed to be good luck and I guess they are
'cause that's when I found what I really wanted
my wonderful, wild woolly mammoth momma.
spoken after final chorus:
"Come here you great big hairy orifice of love."

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