Minstrel Mike, the Banjo Man ©2014

Water Turns to Beer

sample recording July 2014 on Jill's front porch

I V I / | / / V / | I / IV / | I V I /

I'm going to Colorado where the water turns to beer.
My car's packed up and I'm headed out of here.
Gonna leave this place and I ain't gonna shed a tear
'cause I'm going to Colorado where the water turns to beer.

1. Fort Collins has brewpubs everywhere's you walk.
There's Coopersmith's just north of Equinox.
Just up the block is Pateros Creek with wineries and distilleries across the street
and Budweiser's brewing a million cans a year.

2. You can head across the Poudre to see the New Belgium brews.
You can tour O'dell's and Fort Collins Brewery too.
Keep heading up Lincoln you'll find Funkwerks, man the folks in Fort Collins got lots of perks,
and Inbev's brewing a billion cans a year.

3. They got a six barrel system at Colorado State University.
They've got so many brews and taps it's a liquid perversity.
There's Black Bottle Brew and C.B. Potts and
[hang on the IV to get them all in]
1993, and Zwei Bruder and Horse and Dragon
and Snowbank Brewing and Pitchers
and B.J.'s Brewhouse way down south
and I don't know what else they got
and if you [I] get tired of beer you can [V]always smoke legal [I]pot.

sample recording from Jill's porch
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