Mike Moxcey ©2002


by Mike Moxcey.

Colorado Springs. 1986

 F / Am / | Bb  /  Dm / |
 F / Dm / | Gm C7  F  / |

1. I left home with a bluegrass band
playing country fairs and one night stands.
It didn't turn out the way we planned
so we went our separate ways.

I was going home when I got the money
was gonna get married to my high school honey.
I still want to do it but now I'm twenty
or thirty years too late.

 F / /  /  | Dm /  Bb  F  |
 F / /  /  | Gm /  C7  /  |
 F / Am F7 | Bb /  B- B-7 |
 C / C7 /  | F  /  /   /  |

Now I'm waiting for a bus in a town out west
in a barroom combination Greyhound station.
A couple more hours, a couple more bottles of beer.
I don't know where the cold winds blow
and I don't know where the tumbleweeds go
I just see them roll away from here.

2. I started playing country just to pay the rent.
I couldn't save my money 'cause it all got spent.
I don't even know where the good times went
but they ain't here today.

I couldn't go home broke, I had too much pride.
I couldn't get rich no matter how I tried,
but I just heard that my daddy died
now I'm going home today.

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