Mike Moxcey ©2002

Outward Bound

by Mike Moxcey

 G  D  C  G  | G F  C D |
 Am Em Am Bm | F Em D G |
 Am / D G | Am / F D7 | G D C G | / D G /

1. My daddy thought that living on the farm was kind of fun.
He had hoped to leave it all to me, his eldest son.
Milking cows at sunrise, then working 'til sundown
was not for me I told him, I'm going outward bound.

Outward bound, headed for the stars.
Outward bound, going just as far
as anyone can travel 'cause there's nothing here I found
I'm catching the next spaceship outward bound.

2. I ran into a woman at a system where we stopped.
She stole my heart, I left the ship, got married, got a job.
I loved the lady dearly but very soon I found
I loved the spaceways better so I headed outward bound.

3. I got off at a planet just to have a look around
and had a little trouble with the cops in some hick town.
Ninety days they gave me, when I got out I vowed
I'd had enough of planets I'd keep heading outward bound.

4. I left the ship at Station's End, the last stop on the run
and bought me an old spaceship which I named "The Final Run."
I filled her up with food and fuel, as much as could be found.
When someone asked my why I said, "I'm headed outward bound."

5. I just used my last tank of fuel a couple days ago,
but I have food and air to last a hundred years or more.
"The Final Run" should also last since she seems fairly sound
and I've still got momentum, I'm still headed outward bound.

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