Mike Moxcey ©2002

Nuclear Power Rag

by Mike Moxcey

May 1980, New Hampshire

C / / / | F / D / | C E A A7 | D G C C7 |
(turnaround 1) F G+
(turnaround 2) F Fm C C7 G G+

They must be deceived if they think I believe
when I hear the government say
nuclear power provides hot showers,
let's you wash all your troubles away.
They must think I'm dumb, they say plutonium
is safer than a drive to the store.
But if they make a mistake we could all radiate
and we won't have babies no more.
Use hydroelectric energy collectives,
use passive solar design.
Then nuclear waste won't have to radiate
death 'til the end of time.
Don't have to be sadistic to be realistic
to solve all our energy needs.
Use less power, use less hot showers
and eradicate our energy greed.
We use a lot of crude just to ship all our food
on trains and tractor trailer trucks.
We wouldn't be harmed if everyone farmed
and we could all save ourselves some bucks.

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