Mike Moxcey ©2002

North Fork Fishing Blues

by Mike Moxcey

C /F C | / / D G | C / F C | F C G C |

Working forty hours a week sometimes a little more,
gets to be a pain sometimes but sure beats being poor.
When getting stuck in traffic jams gets a little old
I start dreaming of the North Fork where the pools are deep and cold.

North Fork I hear you calling me.
North Fork, I'm headed on upstream.
I'm going up that river plan to stay a day or two.
Gonna camp up on the North Fork and fish away my blues.

I'm walking through the woods with my favorite fishing pole.
Gonna set my tent and sleeping bag by my favorite fishing hole.
Gonna tie a fly to a slender rod and cast it right on out.
Dinner's gonna be a couple fresh-caught, pan-fried trout.


Sometimes I bring the family; sometimes they stay at home
'cause everybody needs a little time to be alone.
A time to think, a time to pray, a time to just daydream,
for me the best time's fishing in my favorite mountain stream.

chorus with this last line:
       F              C              G           F          G            C
Gonna camp up on the North Fork and fish away,  fish away, fish away my blues.

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