Minstrel Mike, the Banjo Man ©2010

You'll Never Call Me Slim

A / / / | / / E / | / / / / | / / A / / | (2x)

1. You know what cowboys look like, they're lanky and they're thin.
Sitting in the saddle they're like whispers in the wind.
But if you see me in a bar, you're drunk and the lights are dim,
You might call me lots of names but none of them is Slim

ch: You might call me Charlie, you might call me Jim
You might call me Sam, Yosemite Sam but you'll never call me Slim.

2. There was a gal I loved so well she said her name was Pam.
She said that she was by herself that she didn't have no man.
She didn't tell that he was in jail and his name was Deadly Dan
She finally told when he was paroled and now I'm on the lam.

3. I was down in Vegas and I was really hot.
I won at cards and dice and slots and man I won a lot.
I should have quit when I was up and not when I was down.
At least I quit when I still had time to get on out of town.

4. Please don't call me Peter, please don't call me Paul,
I've used those names in poker games now I can't use them at all.
People want to find me where ever I may go
so if you see me in a bar, please just call me Joe.

5. If you call me by my real name I'll wonder who you are
and what you want to repossess, my banjo or my car.
I've got a couple dollars, a quarter and no sense.
I'm not quite yet completely broke but Lord I'm badly bent.

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