Mike Moxcey ©2002

My Traveling Song

by Mike Moxcey

November, 1974 someplace in North Carolina

I / / / | IV / I / |
I / / / | V  / / / |
I / / / | IV / I / |
I / V / | I  / / / |

We're on the road again won't you give us a ride my friend?
We've been standing here a long, long time.
If you'll take us a mile or two, we'll sing a couple songs for you
'cause my banjo and I got to get on down the line.

There's a woman I'm going to see, Lord she thinks she wants to marry me
but I know I won't be staying there too long.
She'll ask me, "Do please stay and we can do this every day."
But it ain't too long 'fore I sing my traveling song.

Sometimes when I get to town, I think I got to settle down.
I take off my hat and shoes and set down my load.
Things start to look real fine and I think I've found a place (myself) this time,
then things start looking better on down the road.

There's a man I'm going to see plays the banjo about like me
and I'd like to get together and play some songs
but he's kind of hard to find, he keeps moving all the time
since I taught him how to play this traveling song.

Well we've been standing in the sun 'til today is nearly done,
long enough to write and sing this song.
Over yonder comes the moon, I'd like a ride real soon
so if you drive by won't you take us both along?

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