Mike Moxcey ©2002

Moped Mabel

by Mike Moxcey and Tom Keeton

summer 1977 Homestead, Florida written about Carla in the trailer park.
Timing changes throughout the song.
G | C | D | G | (2x)
When she was young she had all sorts of fun
doing what could be done on a bike.
But as she grew older her parents had to scold her
'cause she grew a lot bolder than they would have liked.
She turned into a dopehead, she bought a brand-new moped
and with a hope headed west with the sun.
She wasn't a fable, you've heard of her label,
she's called Moped Mabel by every road bum.
chorus (double-time):
and now Moped Mabel has broke her brake cable
and now she's unable to stop.
She was outgunned but she wasn't out done
'cause she still tried to outrun that cop
She'd travel the highway all week but on Friday
she'd come down by my way and we'd go around.
She was way under twenty, but Lord she was plenty
and she'd have lots of money when she left our town.
Her moped was fancy, she called it Nancy,
it wasn't a pansy, it had lots of class.
It looked real purty even when it was dirty
though it'd go only thirty it needed no gas.
slow down. 3/4 time on last line
But one day she took some tranks and just as a prank
she robbed the bank down the street.
But she was popped and before she could stop
she shot a cop on the beat. [C]And [D]now
(real fast) chorus

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