Mike Moxcey ©2002

Lady of the Void

by Mike Moxcey

Colorado Springs (Loo Art Press), 1981.

1st chorus:
She's always leaving somewhere,
always going someplace else.
She hopes to find him sometime
and tell him how she felt,
that she only left him bleeding
'cause she went to get some help.

1. The Lady of the Void was a legend he was told;
created by a spaceman who'd spent too long in the hold.
But he'd heard the story everywhere, in every ship he sailed
and it seemed too common just to be an old midshipman's tale.

2. So he started asking questions of every man he met.
Some tantalizing clues he found; his appetite was whet.
His mind was overcome by the thought with which he toyed,
to spend his lifetime searching for the Lady of the Void.

2d chorus:
He travelled almost everywhere
a ticket could be bought.
He worked in any spaceship,
took any flight he caught.
He became a legend
like the lady whom he sought.

3.  Every seeker knows if he looks long enough he'll find
the dream for which he searches, it just takes a little time.
Half a lifetime later found him searching on the rim
of the galaxy where one day, the lady, she found him.

4. She said she heard the rumors and she tracked him down because
she thought he was the one she sought.  He said he wished he was.
He told her what he knew of her and she told him the rest,
then left him there among the stars and continued on her quest.

repeat 1st chorus

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