Mike Moxcey ©2002

How Good I Feel to Be with You Today

By Mike Moxcey

November, 1974  Manhattan, New York

G / Bm / | Am / G / |
C / /  / | F  / D / |
G / Bm / | Am / G / |
C / /  / | F  / D / |
C / Bm / | Am / G / |
C / D  / | G  / / / |
I had a dream last night of making love with you
and now I wake to find you here beside me.
I hope you know how good I feel to know I wasn't dreaming
to touch you, see you, hear you sleeping soundly.
I have to kiss you darling, wake you up to say
how good I feel to be with you today.
I think you must already know about how good it feels
to have you lay your head down on my chest.
'Cause when I moved to kiss you and you opened up your eyes
they told me love that you'd already guessed (why I have...)
Laying here and feeling just how warm your body is,
I'll hug you a thousand times before we rise.
It feels so good to warm myself by touching you my dear
I'm holding you so close you must know why (I have ...)

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