Mike Moxcey ©2002

Hello Colorado, Goodbye Blues

by Mike Moxcey

April 1978 somewhere between Florida and Colorado

G | B7 | E | E7 | A | A7 | D | D7 |(3x)
G | B7 | E | E7 | A | D7 | G | G7 |
C | /  | G | /  | C | /  | D | D7 |
G | B7 | E | E7 | A | D7 | G | / |
I thought I'd found a girl at last
I think I fell in love too fast
'cause now I got those oh so lovesick blues
I came home and found her note
and that is how my heart got broke
It said, "I like the way you love me,
but I don't love you.
I hate to write it down this way,
but things like this are hard to say.
I hope you find a girl someday
that knows that she loves you."
Well now I've got a broken heart,
but I also have a brand-new start
singing, "Hello Colorado, Goodbye Blues."
I'm going to get some mountain air
and stay with some friends of mine.
I'll watch that Rocky Mountain spring turn
in to summertime.
I'll go camping with my friends
  1st time: to forget what I've been through
  2d time: and bring my banjo, too
singing, "Hello Colorado, goodbye blues."

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