by Mike Moxcey

for the Grass Stains bluegrass band

Colorado Springs.  1985

(rest of band sings inside the parentheses).


G6 / A6 / | D9 / G6 / |

G6 / A6 / | D9 / /  / | pause

G6 / A6 / | D9 / G6 / |

G6 / A6 / | D9 / G6 / |


We've got a G for good old mountain music,

an R for rolling in the dough (when we get paid).

We've got an A, an A for all the good times we've had

and we've got a bunch of S's and some people even call us that

 (call us what) A bunch of S's (huh?)

We've got a T, a T for all the tunes we play

and an A for audience appeal (-everyone smile-).

we've got an I for idiotic songs like this

and an N for knowing how to spell:


This is along the lines of Whoa Mule style instrumental filler


Grassstain (instrumental filler)

Grassstain (instrumental filler)

Grassstain (instrumental filler)

(instrumental filler) Grassstain


This part is sung like the Micky Mouse song

G-R-A  Hey I've got these things all over me

S-S-S   Yes, not even Clorox will get out Grassstains