Mike Moxcey ©2002

Going Away

by Mike Moxcey

Lake Mohonk, NY  Sept, 1974

slow frail in G

Standing on a mountain, looking at the view
gazing at the clouds and thinking of you.
Feeling all my muscles, looking at the trees,
doing everything that you do with me.
Lovers in the morning, laying in the sun,
then playing like little kids until the day is done.
Learning from each other, helping each other grow,
walking, talking, smiling 'til it's time to go.
Watching you go away, wishing that you could stay,
knowing you need to go, I love you so.
The wind is in the trees, whistling your sweet song,
listening helps pass the time I know it won't be long.
I'm singing a happy song now, underneath the harvest moon.
I know you're thinking of me, you'll be here soon.

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