Mike Moxcey ©2002

Dead Leaves on the Ground

by Mike Moxcey

 June 1981, Colorado springs.
1st verse at Goddard Riverside Camp

1. Walking through the woods watching acorns falling down
knowing that a summer never lasts.
Dreaming of the good times even though they all have passed
I'm shuffling through the dead leaves on the ground.
2. Watching all the squirrels gather up the nuts
getting ready for the winter snow.
The geese are flying south and I wish that I could go
instead of spending winter in our hut.
We got married and we built our home together.
She is buried now and I don't know whether
I should stay or go away or just pray for her today
all I know is now she's gone away forever.
3. The apples and the pears are ripening on the trees
The pumpkins should be put out in the sun.
But I don't feel like doing all the work that should be done
I'd rather watch the lonely autumn breeze
4. Blowing down the leaves to settle on her grave
covering up the freshly dug-up dirt.
Praying to the Lord to help me with my hurt
and asking Him to help me to be brave.

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