Mike Moxcey ©2002

Colorado Skyline

by Mike Moxcey

in Wyoming on way to Yellowstone, summer 1984.
There was a band with that name in Colorado Springs.
I / IV / | / / II V / | I / IV I | IV I V I / |

1. When you're crossing Kansas there's nothing much to see,
just clear blue skies and thunder clouds and miles and miles of wheat.
The only trees are cottonwoods down by sandy creeks
but pretty soon those clouds ahead turn into snow-capped peaks.

IV  / I / | IV / II V | VIm / IIm IIIm | IV I V I |

See that Colorado skyline thrust way into the air.
That mass of Rocky Mountains announcin' you are there
where the earth turns into heaven, where the angels come to play.
That Colorado skyline is where I want to stay.

2. You'll find the quaking aspen tree, the mighty lodgepole pine.
Hidden mountain meadows with wildflowers so fine.
Indian trails, homestead huts, and old abandoned mines.
Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goat way up past timberline.

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