Mike Moxcey ©2002

Cheyenne Lonesome

by Mike Moxcey 

Fort Collins, Colorado, 1999  
Based on the name of the Cheyenne Lonesome (Shy and Lonesome) band
I V I / | / IV V / | I IV I / | / V I /

He met her in a truckstop near Chicago
He fell in love with the twinkle in her eye.
All he needed was a map of Indianapolis
but he flirted over a piece of apple pie.

He told her of the lonely nights spent trucking
His name was Bill, she said she was Diane.
She said the wind blew lonesome in Wyoming
which was why she left her home back in Cheyenne.

    IV / V / | IV V I / |

    He gave her a ride, she asked him inside
    and for that night, neither one was lonesome.

He scheduled routes to stop by every Tuesday
and they'd huddle from their solitary fears
Life was good until the Wednesday morning
when he'd start his rig and shift it into gear

But one evening in a storm outside of Memphis
a pile-up on the freeway made him wreck.
After three weeks in a coma he tried to call Diane
but she'd packed her bags and headed back out west.

    She left Chicago cryin',  she headed back to Cheyenne,
    she's gone back to Wyoming lonesome.

The wind blows mournful in Wyoming
as Bill searches all the places he can find.
Every cafe on the highway, every diner in the town
he's in Cheyenne with Diane on his mind.

She stokes a fire against the windy evening.
Can't let her newborn baby get a chill.
She walks alone into her empty bedroom
and the best nights are the ones she dreams of Bill.

    While she's home cryin', he's searching Cheyenne
    they're both up in Wyoming lonesome.

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