Mike Moxcey ©2002

Cherry Red Chainsaw Gang

by Mike Moxcey

fall 1977 after Dave's birthday party.
G / / / | C / G / |
/ / / / | A / D / |
G / / / | C / G / |
C / G / | D / G / |
I know I'll never get rich on welfare and work is just too damned hard.
I can't feed the family on food stamps and still keep up the yard.
But I got a plan to make a million dollars from watching the late night news
and if you promise not to tell it to anybody, I'll tell it all to you.
I'm gonna buy me a sawed-off shotgun, the 12-gauge, double-barreled kind.
Get me a gas-powered cherry-red chainsaw, that'll blow everybody's mind.
I'll wear pink pajamas and a red bandana and eight-inch platform shoes
and I'll start up a new religion and get on the national news.
We'll be the sacrificial, psychedelic Cherry Red Chainsaw Gang.
The only way we'll know how to get to heaven is to go to prison and hang.
We'll draw up a list of reasons why we hate the government.
Then we'll start blowing up supermarkets and threaten the president.
He'll call out the FBI and they'll throw us all in jail.
Then some young smooth-talking, big-time lawyer will come and go my bail.
There'll be a big trial in a Federal Court, it'll all be on TV.
But even if I have to go to jail for awhile well you ain't seen the last of me.
I'll sell my story to a publishing house, maybe make a picture show.
With the chainsaw endorsements and the autographed pictures I'll be rolling in the dough.
I'll have my own bank and personal guards to keep from getting robbed.
It's a lot more fun to be a big time nut than to go get a regular job.
I said it's a lot more fun to be a big time nut than to go get a regular job.

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