Mike Moxcey ©2002

The Bunkhouse Blues

words by Mike Moxcey, music by Matthew Price

August 1974 at Goddard Riverside Camp in Rifton, New York. Tell a little story about the privy monster.

G / C7 / | G / C7 / |
G / C7 / | D7 / / / |
G / C7 / | G /  C7 / |
G / C7 / | D D7 C C7 | G E A/D G |
1. I sleep on the bottom when I wanted the top
I can't go fishing when my group is not
I got to go swimming when I ain't even hot
and I got to go to bed at nine o'clock
I got the bunkhouse blues I can't sleep at night.
My black eye hurts from this morning's fight.
My counselor snores through the whole durn night
and I can't get to sleep 'cause I think of home
and I think of the privy monster all alone.
2. The food's good here but it's not the same.
My counselor knows me but forgets my name.
We've walked everywhere ever since I came
and my feet hurt so much that I think I'm lame
3. There ain't no place to take a decent whiz.
The counselors never can mind their own biz.
I just got beat up by my bunkmate's sis
and I wonder what kind of place this is

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