Mike Moxcey ©2002

Badge of Fun

by Mike Moxcey

for the Grass Stains bluegrass band
Colorado Springs.  1985
D /  F# F#7 | G / D Bm |
G G7 D  B7  | E A D  / |

Dirty old socks in the washing machine,
dirty old shirts and torn blue jeans
with grass stains smeared all over their knees,
you gotta use a lot of bleach.

But nothing seems to get out old grass stains.
You can wash and wash all the dirt away
but the grass stains they just start to fade,
but they never go all the way.

Grass stains on your hands and knees.
Grass stains anywheres you please.
Grass stains they never go away
'cause grass stains are here to stay.

Grass stains are the badge of fun,
you can get 'em on your knees and on your buns.
If you're gonna get 'em well you gotta have fun
playing till the day is done.

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