Mike Moxcey ©2002

Astronaut Alice

by Mike Moxcey

Colorado Springs (Loo Art Press), June 1981.

3/4 time Each "measure" is 1 line of singing.
C  /  F Dm | Em G  C G7 |
C  Am F D  | Em G7 C /  |
Em /  C Am | F  G  C /  |
Em /  C Am | F  G  C /  |

Astronaut Alice and Cosmonaut Karl
fell in love on a mission in space.
Alice became quite a hero at home
but Karl was a Russion disgrace.
He spent lots of time in Siberian mines.
She went on talk shows a lot.
They couldn't share smiles 'cause ten thousand miles
kept the two lovers apart.

Astronaut Alice went out to the moon
where she finally came up with a plan.
She declared war, said she'd blow up the earth
if she didn't get back her man.
Newscasters muttered and hearts were a-flutter
The Russians said she was a fool.
She blew Leningrad off the face of the earth
and the Russians told her to keep cool.

Cosmonaut Karl was sent off to the moon
so he could get back with his girl.
But he was told that they both would be killed
if they ever came back to the world.
But Alice had known they could never go home
and she told Karl that she felt
they could get married, have kids and be buried
way out in the asteroid belt.

Now Astronaut Alice and Cosmonaut Karl
live in a hollowed out rock.
They raised a big family and now they are helping
to teach their grandchildren to talk.
They have a good life as a husband and wife
and have lots of neighbors who felt
that it isn't right that their governments fight
so they moved to the asteroid belt.

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