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Yankee Doodle

This was one of the first pop songs in America. It was an English dancing song that the British soldiers sang to make fun of the rebellious colonists, but the colonists picked it up and turned the meaning around by joyously singing it themselves.

vs: I / / V | I / / V |I / IV / | V / I / |

ch: IV / / / | I / / / |IV / / / | I V I / |

  1. Yankee Doodle went to town
    riding on a pony
    Stuck a feather in his hat and
    called it macaroni.
  2. ch: Yankee doodle, keep it up,
    Yankee doodle dandy;
    Mind the music and the step,
    And with the girls be handy.

  3. Father and I went down to camp along with Captain Gooding,
    and there we saw the men and boys as thick as hasty pudding.
  4. There was Captain Washington upon a slapping stallion
    a-giving orders to his men, I guess there was a million.
  5. And there they'd fife away like fun, and play on cornstalk fiddles,
    and some had ribbons red as blood all bound around their middles.
  6. And there we saw a thousand men as rich as Squire David
    and what they wasted every day I wish it could be saved
  7. And there I saw a pumpkin shell as big as mother's basin,
    and every time they touched it off, they scampered like the nation.
  8. The troopers, too, would gallop up and fire right in our faces.
    It scared me almost to death to see them run such races.

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