Mike Moxcey ©2005

Little Brown Jug

This is another song offered in most songbooks along with Bile Dem Cabbage Down because it goes in regular 1-4-5 order.

Repeat the line twice for any verse or for the chorus.

I / | IV / | V / | I / | (2X)

  1. My wife and I live all alone
    in a little log hut we call our own.
    She loves gin and I love rum.
    Tell you what it is, we've lots of fun.
  2. ch: Ha, ha, ha, you and me,
          little brown jug don't I love thee?
          Ha, ha, ha, you and me,
          little brown jug don't I love thee?

  3. 'Tis you who makes my friends and foes, 'tis you who makes me wear old clothes.
    Now here you are so near my nose, so tip her up and down she goes.
  4. When I go toiling on my farm, the little brown jug goes under my arm.
    Place her under a shady tree, little brown jug don't I love thee?
  5. When I lay in the shade of a tree, the little brown jug's in the shade of me.
    I tip her up and I give a pull, the little brown jug's about half full.
  6. I crossed the creek on a hollow log, me and the wife and the little brown dog.
    The wife and the dog fell in, "Kerplunk," but I held on to the little brown jug.
  7. I bought a cow from Farmer Jones. She was nothing but skin and bones.
    Fed her up as fine as silk, she jumped the fence and strained her milk.
  8. When I die don't bury me at all, just pickle my bones in alcohol.
    Place a bottle of booze at my head and feet, and then I know that I will keep.
  9. The rose is red, my nose is, too, the violet's blue and so are you
    But I guess before I stop, I'd better take another drop.

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