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Oh Susanna

by Stephen Foster

In this one, the “verse” part is played twice and the chorus once.

Sometimes the verse is called the A part and the chorus the B part and folks will say, “We’re going to play this AAB.”

vs (A): I / / / | / / V / |I / / / | / V I / |(2X)

ch (B): IV / / / | I / V / |I / / / | / V I / |
1. Well I come from Alabama with my banjo on my knee
    and I'm going to Louisiana, my own true love for to see.
    It rained all night the day I left, the weather was bone dry,
    the sun so hot I froze myself, Susanna don't you cry.

ch: Oh Susanna, now don't you cry for me
    cause I'm bound for Louisiana with my banjo on my knee. 2. I had a dream the other night when everything was still.
    I dreamed I saw my gal Susanne, she was coming around the hill.
    A buckwheat cake was in her mouth a tear was in her eye.
    I said, "I'm bound for Dixieland, Susanna don't you cry."

3. I soon will be in New Orleans and then I'll look all around,
    and when I find Susanna I'll fall upon the ground.
    But if I do not find her then I will surely die,
    and when I'm dead and buried, Susanna don't you cry.

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