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While you're practicing finding your natural singing key, here are some more things to do on your instrument.

A Different Chord Type

Try using an alternate chord, the 7th chord, for your second (or Fifth) chord of the pair. So if you've been working on the C:G pair, try using the C:G7 chords instead. Look in the back for how to finger it properly. Sometimes it will sound better; sometimes it won't. It usually sounds best when you play the chord right before you go back to the main (I) chord at the end of the verse or chorus.

You can also switch between the G and G7 (or whichever letter chord is your second of the pair). If you've got 4 or 8 strums on the chord before going back to the other one, then strum the first half with the regular chord and the second half with the seventh chord.

For example, instead of doing Polly Wolly Doodle like this:
I / | / V | / / | / I |
Try it like this:
I / | / V7 | / / | / I |
or this:
I / | / V | / / | V7 I |

Chord Pairs with Sevenths

C : G, G7E : B, B7
D : A, A7F : C, C7
G : D, D7Bb : F, F7
 A : E, E7  B : F#,F#7 

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