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Two Chord Songs

To play two chord songs, you must learn a specific pair of chords. You can’t just choose any two chords at random. C and G are good ones. If it's too hard to play a C or G on your instrument, then try D and A or G and D. These pairs fit together so learning C and D at this point isn't really useful.

Chord Pairs

Here are some possible pairs you can practice with. Finger several of them on your instrument, then choose one set to begin playing.
It will help right off the bat to think of the pairs as One:Five instead of as C:G or G:D.

Fingering the Chords

  1. Knowing the correct chord is the first step.
  2. Fingering the chord correctly with all strings sounding clearly comes next. You've got to get all your fingers down exactly correct.
    When fretting a string, put the finger just behind the fret you're supposed to be on. If you put the finger in the middle of two frets, the string will buzz. Avoid having any of the open strings hit one of your fingers. It is difficult at first.
  3. Check your fingering by plucking each string.
It should sound clear and full.

Pluck it loud.

Don't be shy.
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